Waste of life

Some Nasreddin tales also appear in collections of Aesop's fables. The miller, his son and the donkey is one example. Others are The Ass with a Burden of Salt and The Satyr and the Traveller.

In *Waste of Life* Nasruddin was crossing the lake with a man who kept asking him questions. His questions went like this, "Don't you know English?", "Don't you know grammer?", "Don't you know astrology?" and so on . Everytime Nasruddin answered in the negative, the man on the boat would arrogantly tell him that he had wasted half his life.

Nasruddin had noticed the approaching dark clouds and stormy winds and asked the man if he knew swimming. When he answered in the negative, Nasruddin told him he had wasted his entire life.

In India Alka Publications Have published Stories of Mulla Nasruddin.
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